Looking for a video/photography dude

IMG_20141229_131918We’re on the hunt for someone who’d like a free pass to the films and some workshops at our pop-up event on 26 Sept in return for doing a bit of filming and photography.

I know it’s a big ask and we’d love to be able to pay top dollar, but unfortunately we’re not at that stage yet.

So if you, or someone you know, is outdoorsy, likes being in-and-around the trailrunning vibe and you can also shoot good images and throw together small videos, then we’d love to have a chat.

The coffee and cake is on us and we may have some other carrots to offer too.

Drop us a line addressing these points:

  1. Can you show us your work?
  2. Are you a trailrunner? If not, why not?? No, seriously, outdoorsy types of any sport are all good with us.
  3. Why are you interested?


Many thanks in advance.