Falling and stumbling

Road rash
Sporting some road rash

Last week I went out to recce the half marathon route on my mountain bike thinking this would work out to be a quicker exercise for the first check. How wrong could I have been?

After coming off my bike after only half a mile I suffered a good deal of road rash down my right hand side and was feeling slightly dazed (I found out when I got home that I had completely cracked my helmet!). This was followed by being stared down by a bull and then having to fight my way through deep mud and plenty of obstacles in the form of gates, fallen trees and undergrowth! The synopsis of the route being; adventurous!

Needless to say I need to tweak the route, but the skeleton of it is looking good. I had planned to do that over the weekend.

Ryan in hospital
Getting a direct line of anitbiotics

But, back to that road rash…

It turns out my knee became infected and I’ve spent the past two days watching my leg swell up and my range of motion reduce. This is hardly good prep for doing route recces!

So I had to pay a visit to the professionals and even ended up being given an intravenous shot of antibiotics! So, fingers crossed I’ll be up and running about in no time and can get the half marathon route ‘signed off’.

In the meantime, though, if anyone wants to try it out, drop me a line.