RunWHERE? Navigation for Runners with Gary Tompsett

Navigation for runners Gary T

On the 8th January, we’re welcoming TrailFest friend, Gary Tompsett – the Adventure Buddy, back to Mugdock for a day of navigation tailored specifically for runners.

You may think that learning navigation will take you back to school, or that it is too techy, but to really get out and about and explore the trails and hills of Scotland, and to do so with confidence, knowing how to navigate will open up a whole new world of trailrunning adventures to be had. And, yes, we will make it fun!

We asked Gary a bit more about his own navigation experiences;

Whether you’ve been battling across a Cairngorm Plateau with hardened mountaineers in winter or leading a group of mates, some of whom are depleted and shivering, it’s no wonder you get a rude awakening to strengthen your navigational prowess!

Navigation for runners Gary T
Gary taking a mini nav session at TrailFest2

That’s how I got immersed, and there has been no escape since.

Maps and navigation have become a doorway to adventure, and with improved awareness and practice you’ll be a more confident, wholesome and good looking runner – truly! You can wear valuable jewellery around your neck (a compass), smart gadgets with bling cases (a smartphone) and everyone will love to be with you, because you can lead them through the topographic jungle!

With a smile, from age dot, I loved pouring over maps. As soon as I could run, it became competitive (Orienteering) and as soon as I could cycle it became even faster (MTB Orienteering)!

Having now rattled around the planet wrestling with maps and terrain in order to beat the other runners and riders, I have now stopped still enough to share these skills with others.

Come and join me for some routing revelations in the Mugdock undergrowth. And, yes, you are allowed to use GPS devices, phones and all your ‘spidery’ senses!

Our RunWHERE? navigation session with Gary takes place on 8th January at Mugdock Country Park 10-3pm. Tickets are priced at £22 which includes a free hot drink and an Adventure Buddy water bottle.


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