Celebrating 1 year of social running with our new autumn run programme

We recently celebrated a year of introducing people to trailrunning through our RunSOCIAL Programme. We set up the RunSOCIALs last July to provide a route into trail running for those new to running and those who didn’t have the confidence to run off-road. Starting as a 5km led run, the RunSOCIALs proved so popular that we now have a 5km and a 10km groups setting off each month.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our RunSOCIALs since its humble beginnings last year. To date we have supported over 400 run experiences , many of which were people running their first ever 5km, 10km, or even their first ever time running off-road.

One of the most rewarding aspects of organising the social runs is helping people achieve new things and push their own boundaries. Every month at least one person is doing something they’ve never done before and that is awesome!

As interest in our runs grows we are expanding our RunSOCIAL Programme to support more people who want to go running off-road in a safe, welcoming environment where the focus is on fun, rather than speed.

As we head into the autumn and winter we’re REALLY EXCITED to be expanding the RunSOCIALs to new locations, days and times so that we can support even more people to run off-road with confidence. We hope the new, expanded RunSOCIAL Programme will appeal to beginners and seasoned runners alike. We are looking forward to supporting more people to get active outdoors and experience the joy of running off-road.

Check out the autumn RunSOCIAL Programme.