Mapping the Future for Trailrunning

A few months ago we announced a ground-breaking project to create the UK’s first maps optimised for trailrunners in conjunction with Harvey Maps.

As part of the project we recruited a team of 12 Map Makers, selected from a large pool of applicants of outstanding calibre, and on Saturday we met each other for the first time, went for a run and got the project kicked off in style.

The weather was one of those crisp, clear autumnal days you dream of – perfect for comparing features on the ground to their representation on maps. The chat and discussion on the run was fascinating and offered a great insight into how different people use maps.

Once we’d taken in the glorious views towards the snow-capped peaks to the north, we enjoyed a quick, slippery, tumble down the steep side of Dumgoyne before heading back to Harvey Maps HQ to get an amazing behind-the-scenes tour of their map making process.

#MapsForTrailrunners Project

Once lunch was eaten and much-needed coffee was gulped, we got down to the real work of discussing the nitty gritty of maps and how we use maps.

The enthusiasm in the room was brilliant and the project has got off to a great start. We’ll now be deciphering reams of flip chart paper to make sense of the ideas and debates of the day.

We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses and you can keep up with and join in the conversation using #MapsForTrailrunners

4 thoughts on “Mapping the Future for Trailrunning

      1. As gift to someone,similar to how O.S prrsonales the front cover, ie ‘Merry Christmas Ryan’ or
        ‘My Trailfest Map’ with choice of your own pic on front.

      2. Initially we’ll be concentrating on creating the best possible maps for trailrunners as it’s the map itself that’s the important part, rather than the cover. But. never say never…

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