Meet Amanda Mccaig

Amanda McCaig

“Running is a privilege, never take it for granted.”

Never a truer word spoken; yet, sometimes I do take it for granted. Some people don’t get the opportunity to run, and I won’t forever. So best do it now!

Who am I?

Amanda McCaig

A little bit about me before I get into all things running: I’m Amanda and my favourite things are eating, sleeping and training. My sport of choice has got to be triathlons; but I do love the occasional marathon. Running is where my love for fitness began, where my triathlon journey stemmed and is one of the few things in my life that lets me unwind.

The events that I take part in are mostly triathlons like Ironman UK, Ironman Wales, Celtman, with various shorter events in between. However, extreme triathlons, such as Celtman, have to be my favourite, just because of the trails and scenery!

I wasn’t always a runner; in fact, like most people at one point in life, I couldn’t run the length of myself. This was due to being unfit when I was younger, alongside hip issues since birth. Just because I’m running now doesn’t mean that the hip issues have gone though. I was born with Perthes Disease. I was told that I would never run and that, by the time I was 30, I would probably need a new hip. But here I am, taking on challenges that I never thought I could.

I started running about 6 years ago; but in the past 3 years I found a love for trail running. My love for trail running originated from my training for the Glencoe Half Marathon. Additionally, when you stay walking distance to the Ochil Hills, you can’t not get the trainers on and explore!

Am I excited to be blogging for the Solstice Series

Funnily enough whilst walking around Mugdock park for the first time not too long ago actually, I noticed that it would be an amazing place to run. Funny how your mind instantly goes to training when you’re meant to be taking a leisurely walk through a park. So, naturally, when the chance came up to work with TrailFest and Ellis Brigham on the Solstice Series I jumped at the chance!

At the moment, I have a few big triathlons that I am training for, so this is a great opportunity to not only race but to put some fun into training too.  I hope I can inspire more people to take up trailrunning. The Soltice Series would be a fantastic opportunity for all levels of runners to get involved in, so I’ll be spreading the word and you should too!

Also, I’ll be writing up some insight into my training and will be giving some ideas on how to start getting into fitness, or even just provide some info on some places to venture off to and explore.

Either way, you’ll be hearing from me soon!

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