Every trailrun is an adventure.

TrailFest brings a new dimension to the already-vibrant trailrunning scene in Scotland. It is a celebration of trailrunning that combines racing, training, advice, inspiration from elites, a mini-expo and runners’ after-party, all crammed into one epic day.

Trailrunning is the perfect antidote to modern life. You don’t have to run far or fast to gain real pleasure from hitting the trails and immersing yourself in nature and the landscape.

Part of its beauty is its simplicity; put on running shoes and go! There’s no need to spend a lot of money on gear (though, there’s plenty of gear to get into if that’s your thing), just a desire to get out and into nature; to get away from stress, engine fumes, concrete roads and pavements and into the wider world of fields, woods, bogs, hills and everything the weather can throw at you – from searing heat, to insane hailstorms. Every trailrun is an adventure. Come and share one with us.

We want to share the amazing world or trailrunning with as many people as possible; to inspire and support people to get out on to the trails and enable them to experience the sheer joy that we experience each time we hit the trail.

So come and celebrate the dirty side of running!

Who are we?

Jo and Ryan trailrunning


A chartered marketer, business strategist and writer by profession, is a #HokaFlyer – one of the Scottish ambassadors for HOKA ONE ONE – and a fitness instructor. www.jocowper.co.uk | @GoUltraJo


A digital marketer by day whose heart is on the trails. www.ryanjohnscott.com | @ryanjohnscott