We would hate for you to miss out on joining us for a run because there was something you weren’t sure about. Here’s some of the FAQ we get. If we haven’t answered your query below, then drop us a line at: rundirty@trailfestscotland.com

Do I need to be a member to run?

No. You can ‘pay-as-you-run’. Members get a great package of benefits, but non-members are just as welcome on our runs.

What do I get from a TrailFest run?

  • motivation: committing to run at a specific time and place means you are more likely to do it

  • friends: meet new, like-minded people

  • confidence: running in a group helps build your confidence to run on trails with different terrain and to feel more comfortable running in nature

  • fitness: regular exercise will improve your fitness

  • mental health: running with other people can improve your mood and mental health

  • fresh air: trailrunning gets you into nature and away from busy roads where you may be breathing high levels of pollution

Why do I need to pay to run?

You don’t. Trailrunning is a beautiful activity that gives you energy and freedom. The trails are there for you to explore, but if you’d like to come on a TrailFest run there is a charge.

Why do you charge when others offer runs cheaper or for free?

TrailFest is self-funded and is not supported by funding from any external source. This makes it impossible for us to offer our runs on a free basis.

What does the fee cover?

The fee to run with us covers the following:

  • A fully-led run – no need to worry about getting lost!

  • Route and running knowledge of an experienced and qualified Run Leader

  • TrailFest Insurance

  • All of our runs are recce’d and risk assessed

  • Landowner fees (where applicable)

  • The admin and operating costs of managing TrailFest

Are you insured?

All of our activities are fully-insured. We have the following:

  • Public Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Employers’ Liability

What speed do you run at?

Our philosophy is nobody gets left behind, so the pace varies depending on the distance to be covered, the terrain and the group dynamics. It can be from 9min/mile to around 12min/mile. We stop to re-group regularly and if anyone is feeling fresh, they are encouraged to loop back to the tail runner and back to the group. We give an outline of pace in the information on each run.

How are the runs managed?

Each run is led by an experienced and qualified Run Leader. For larger groups we will have at least one tail runner to ensure nobody gets left behind.

How many people are on the runs?

Our groups sizes vary from 6 up to 20 runners, depending on the run and the route. We believe an appropriate group size is important for a number of reasons:

  • the group size needs to be manageable at all times

  • we are all about the ‘social’ in our runs, so we want you to go away having met new trail friends. It’s easier to do this in a smaller group.

  • smaller groups mean it’s less likely we will have hugely differing ability levels within the group

  • it gives us the flexibility to make route changes to suit the trail conditions or the dynamics of the group

  • we want to respect where we run and minimise any environmental impact on the trails we use

Why don’t you allow under-18s on your runs?

Our insurance policy covers runners aged 18 and over only.

Why don’t you allow dogs on your runs?

We love dogs, but our runs are about people sharing their time together on the trails. This means we can focus on our runners without the additional considerations around dogs and livestock, other trail users or interrupting the flow of the run to ensure all dog mess is cleared up and disposed of appropriately.