Maps For Trailrunners Project

The Maps For Trailrunners Project is a ground breaking project that aims to create a series of maps optimised to suit the needs of the trailrunner. We have teamed up with Harvey Maps to create a team of ‘Map Makers’ who will test current maps and mapping over mixed terrain to identify the elements of a map needed (and not needed) by runners. This will form the basis from which Harvey Maps will create the new maps and is a unique approach to designing maps catering specifically to runners. 

As the majority of off-the-shelf maps are aimed at walkers, they are not designed to suit how runners use a map while exploring the countryside. As runners, we move over the terrain at a quicker pace and so we require maps that are simpler to interpret when on the move, while being small and light enough to be practical for a runner. 

The new maps will contain all of the information required for safe and efficient route selection and will be the most runner-friendly maps on the UK market.

The Map Maker Team


Rachel Dance

Rachel started running after she left university in 2008. When she was in her first desk job she felt like she was “becoming a bit of a lump”, so decided that wasn’t on and plunged straight into the deep end by signing up for the Reading Half Marathon. She trained hard for 6 months, and finished in a tie of 2:15, but loved the feeling of achievement. In the last 3 years, she has started running with groups and last summer took up hill running where met a bunch of new friends and got totally hooked on that! This year she’s completed her first two ultra races and gets on the trails as often as she can.



Bryan Gregg

Bryan is a 41 year old former primary teacher and city dweller now selling books in Lochaber with access to some of the best running around. He took to the trails after the Great Scottish Run & NYC Marathon in 2016 when he decided he’d had enough of Tarmac for a while. He loves to get out into the trails and hills around his home in Ardnamurchan.



Graham Kelly

Endurance and adventure has always fascinated Graham and both have been a major part of his life. His background is firmly based in the Scottish Mountains – a mix of Munros, Corbetts, scrambling & hill running. Given a winter he can be seen on alpine and cross -country skis and sometimes skinning up a hillside on old touring kit. Dedicated beard wearer and proud of the ink that’s in his skin, Graham can occasionally be seen wearing a kilt at a “ceilidh”–a Scottish term used to describe the act of drinking whisky until you can waltz perfectly in time.



Rachel Newstead

Rachel can usually be found running on the trails and hills around Edinburgh. She’s happiest when she’s outside – preferably up a mountain, either on foot or on a snowboard. She’s inspired by multi day adventures and journeys with friends and enjoys planning these almost as much as doing them. When she’s not running she builds websites while standing on a balance board… and drinks a lot of coffee!



Susie Ranford

Susie Allison knows Scotland’s trails better than most: her book, Scottish Trail Running, has become the definitive guidebook and no. 1 starting point for any runner who wants to explore new parts of Scotland. A hill-walker and climber turned trail-runner, this mum of two has run trails in every corner of the country in her quest to find and share the country’s most ‘runnable and beautiful’ routes. More interested in experiencing and exploring the great outdoors than in chasing PBs and medals, Susie has nonetheless brought home first female and even first in class prizes in mountain marathons and has run the 95-mile West Highland Way in a single day as a personal challenge.



Fiona Russell

Adventure journalist and blogger Fiona Russell is better known as Fiona Outdoors. She lives in Glasgow and enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities including trail running, walking, road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon and skiing. She is currently in pursuit of the final 55 summits in her first round of all 282 Munros, which are Scottish mountains with a summit of more than 3,000ft. Luckily, she loves maps and navigation.



Brian Sharp

Brian is a mountain runner and lover from Central Scotland. He began running in 2015 and has tried to improve as a runner while experiencing as much of Scotland’s wild side as possible. He’s competed in ultra marathons and sky races and goes with friends to find gnarly ridges to run across and precipitous drops to drool over (literally) as often as he can.



Owain Williams

Owain started running back in 2008 as an overweight graduate who needed to get fitter for health reasons. He bought a pair of trainers, got a charity place in to Edinburgh Marathon and completed it in just under 5hrs. Since then he’s found a real passion for running – training most days – and completed Stirling marathon in 2:52 earlier this year. But trailrunning is his real passion. At the weekends he loves just pulling on his trainers and heading up the Pentlands or driving somewhere new to forge new paths off-road with his wife, who he met through running.



Laura Cuthbert | Harvey Maps

Laura has worked at Harvey Maps for 13 years in the Sales and Marketing team. She has been a runner for 12 years and has run 1 road and 1 trail marathon, 3 Day Lakeland Challenge and quite a few road and trail 5k, 10k and half marathons. She likes to try new things and recently completed the Craggy Island triathlon which was just mud, mud, mud!



Lewis Taylor | Harvey Maps

Lewis has been working as a Cartographer at Harvey Maps for just over two years, having come straight from studying physical geography at university. He is a keen orienteer and hill runner, and spends most of his free time running in his local hills. ILewis usually trains 6 days a week in preparation for various events including orienteering, hill races and mountain marathons. He is the kind of person who just can’t stand still and likes the satisfaction of completing something that requires a bit of “suffering”!



Jo Cowper | TrailFest

Jo is co-founder of TrailFest. She started running in 2007 with the goal of completing a half marathon, but one trail led to another and she soon found herself drawn to longer distances and multi-day off-road adventures. Running trails is her favourite way to explore new places. As a freelance marketing consultant and mum to two small children, it’s also her favourite way to stay sane! Jo co-founded TrailFest with Ryan to celebrate and share all the things about trailrunning that she loves the most: the energy, achievements, friendships and adventures that are born on the trails.



Ryan Scott | TrailFest

Ryan is co-founder of TrailFest and can usually be found organising some kind of running event or working on another running-related idea when not at work as a communications specialist. He started running in 2009 to regain fitness and quickly fell in love with trailrunning as a way to find connection to the natural world. Ryan’s favourite events are ultras, mountain marathons and sky races. As a father of two young children, Ryan strives to pass on the value of outdoor activities and the natural world.