Maps For Trailrunners Project

The Maps For Trailrunners Project is a ground breaking project that aims to create a series of maps optimised to suit the needs of the trailrunner. We have teamed up with Harvey Maps to create a team of ‘Map Makers’ who will test current maps and mapping over mixed terrain to identify the elements of a map needed (and not needed) by runners. This will form the basis from which Harvey Maps will create the new maps and is a unique approach to designing maps catering specifically to runners. 

As the majority of off-the-shelf maps are aimed at walkers, they are not designed to suit how runners use a map while exploring the countryside. As runners, we move over the terrain at a quicker pace and so we require maps that are simpler to interpret when on the move, while being small and light enough to be practical for a runner. 

The new maps will contain all of the information required for safe and efficient route selection and will be the most runner-friendly maps on the UK market.

Apply to be a Map Maker

We have 4 spaces available on the Map Makers Team. If you’d like to apply to be involved, fill in the form below. We are keen to get a mix of abilities (navigation and fitness) in the Team to ensure we can create maps that are accessible and usable to as many runners as possible, regardless of speed or experience.

As a member of the Team you will be required to attend a number of running, discussion and feedback sessions over the next 6-8 months. It is essential that you are available for our initial meeting on 11th Nov 2017. If you are unable to attend on this day, then we are, unfortunately, unable to consider your application.

Applications will close on 22nd Sept.