Mark Stuart

When did you start running?

An email sent to the wrong work colleague around early 2016 saying he should run a 10k got me started when his response was “I will if you will”. After the 10k, me and another couple of colleagues instantly signed up for a half marathon that was taking place about 3 weeks later.

Then we signed up for a 6 hour relay race in the woods at night that was about a month after that. It was at this point I realised that I had never run in the woods or at night. Luckily I found that the next night, the very first TrailFest NIGHTRun was happening, signed up for that and never looked back.

Three years later I have run countless 10kms, half marathons, a couple of full marathons and now have a few ultras under my belt.

Why do you run?

To clear my mind and think, also stops me from having to stare at a screen for a few hours a week.

Where’s your favourite place to run?

Anywhere there is a free flowing downhill section that you can let loose on (blame Ryan for that). Also the Forvie Nature Reserve up in Aberdeenshire is great fun.

Your favourite race?

For atmosphere I really enjoy the Glasgow Half Marathons, just due to the amount of people that are out cheering everyone on. For pure running enjoyment it was probably the Glentress winter half, glorious crisp November day, amazing views and one very long downhill section.

Your best run moment?

Laughing like a kid going down my first proper hill on a trail at night with only a headtorch lighting the way, still laugh like that every time.

Worst run moment?

Glen Ogle Ultra in 2018, it seemed like it would stop raining long enough for you to dry out before it started pouring down again. To top things off my watch battery died about half way through.


3 words that sum up your relationship to running:

No downhill control!