Rebecca MacLennan

When did you start running?

I rediscovered a love for running in 2016. I was amazed how unfit I was but worked up to my first 10K that summer, and increasingly longer distances since including the 53mile Highland Fling along the West Highland Way in 2019.

Why do you run?

I love it! I can be having the worst day and a few miles into a run I’ll find myself smiling away and thinking much clearer. As Christopher McDougall said in Born to Run, “If you don’t get the answer to a question on a 4-hour run, you ain’t getting one.”

Where’s your favourite place to run?

I love finding new routes and enjoy ‘adventure runs’ where I spend an hour getting lost, then as long as it takes to find my way back! I enjoyed some incredible runs while travelling in New Zealand with amazing trails and beautiful scenery – it’s like a sunny Scotland!

Your favourite race?

I really enjoyed Devil o’ the Highlands in 2019.

Your best run moment?

I’d been dreaming about watermelon for over 30 miles during the Devil so was delighted (and convinced I was hallucinating!) when I got to a surprise water station with a mountain of watermelon just a few miles from the end!

Worst run moment?

An adventure run that ended in A&E for 4 stitches in my knee. I’d been out for hours in torrential rain and waded through a waist-deep river then several knee-deep bogs, so I hobbled home for a quick shower first! The nurses already thought I was bonkers for having been outside on such a wet day, and clearly thought I was insane when I asked if I could still run a marathon the next weekend!


3 words that sum up your relationship to running:

Cheaper than therapy!