Stuart MacDonald

When did you start running?

I started casually when I was about 22. I was into other sports when I was younger.

Why do you run?

I initially started running simply to keep fit. But now I enjoy all the positives of running – pushing myself to new PBs, the great friends I’ve made in the running community, getting out into the forests and hills, the mental and physical benefits it brings.

Where’s your favourite place to run?

Generally wild trails in the far north of Scotland but more closer to home it would be Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. Even closer to home; Pollok Park.

Your favourite race?

Loch Ness Marathon. Big enough to feel like a serious event but small enough to feel personal. To run for almost 26 miles in a fairly straight line with Loch Ness next to you is special.

Your best run moment?

I’d have to say completing the inaugural Cape Wrath Ultra in 2016, finishing in 6th place and 1st Scot home. 8 days of wild trail running in beautiful weather, amazing experience.

Worst run moment?

Probably losing a friend on a group trail run in the Trossachs. We had helicopters, police and dogs all out looking for him. All ended well and learnt some valuable lessons to stand me in good stead for TrailFest!


3 words that sum up your relationship to running:

Love. Obsessed. Inspired.